It Crept from the 80s

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It Crept From the 80s is a bi-weekly look at all things 80s! From the fashion, the music, the movies, and so much more. Get ready for a fantastic voyage through nostalgia and wonder. Watch the episodes on YouTube

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Horrors of Anthony Hickox

    In this Special Report video, Chris delves into the Horror films of one of his favorite directors, Anthony Hickox. From Waxworks and Warlocks to Hellraisers and Werewolf gun-fu, the man could direct the hell out of a cheese filled premise. Give these flicks a watch if you feel inclined to ...


  2. Our Favorite 80's TOYS!

    The boys FINALLY dig in to some of their favorite toys growing up and what they want to add back into their collection NOW as 40 something geeks! The world was a magical place filled with Masters of the universe, Wars in the Stars and Robots that turned into a ...


  3. 1989

    The Boys talk about their favorite Movies, TV and more from the year 1989. 30th anniversaries being celebrated this year include Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, Batman and the ENDING of Family Ties! Sit back ...


  4. 1984

    Chris and Tanski take a look at the Pop Culture landscape of the GLORIOUS year of 1984. Sharing with you their pics for favorite Movies, Music, Shows and Cartoons and what they still love to ...


  5. 30 Years of Saved By The Bell

    Chris and Casey take you on a 32 year old trip back to when buddy bands ruled and friends WERE forever! The boys talk about their love of the CLASSIC 80s and 90s Saturday Morning Tween show Saved By The Bell! Watch the episodes on YouTube Follow along on Facebook ...