It Crept from the 80s

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It Crept From the 80s is a bi-weekly look at all things 80s! From the fashion, the music, the movies, and so much more. Get ready for a fantastic voyage through nostalgia and wonder. Watch the episodes on YouTube

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Latest Episodes…

  1. My favorite 80s Snacks

     Chris is back with a look at some of the new items he has picked up or was sent by fans and then he gets deep into his favorite snacks and cereals from the 80s that he loved and still loves if they are still around today. ...


  2. 30 years of Full Moon Entertainment

    Chris and Bobby talk about their love and history with Charles bands Full Moon Entertainment ( and a tad of Empire Pictures) While Charles and his team of mad cap genre warriors had been making flicks under his Empire banner for many years before, it was 1989s Full Moon that ...


  3. Tempe Entertainment Tribute

    Chris talks about the newly defunked Tempe Entertainment and the person behind it all, J.R. Bookwalter. Such films as The Dead next Door, Robot Ninja, Ozone, Skinned Alive, The Sandman and MANY more were vhs ...


  4. My Favorite KENNER TOYS

    Chris delves deep into his 80s past to talk to you lucky nostalgia freaks about his favorite Kenner toys as a kid. Join him on this trip down memory lane and feel the PASSION of the 1980's fury!!! Watch the episodes on YouTube Follow along on Facebook and Instagram   ...


  5. John Carpenter

    The boys discuss their love and admiration for the films of genre MASTER John Carpenter. They delve into their history with the man's films and which ones happen to be their favorites. Lets get Nostalgically SPOOKY with some extra thick 80's SYNTH WAVE, shall we? Watch the episodes on YouTube Follow ...