It Crept from the 80s

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It Crept From the 80s is a bi-weekly look at all things 80s! From the fashion, the music, the movies, and so much more. Get ready for a fantastic voyage through nostalgia and wonder. Watch the episodes on YouTube

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Police Academy Franchise

    Hey you radical dudes, the boyz are back with special guest BOBBY HECKMAN to talk about their love of the Police Academy franchise as well as drop a few magical loaves of nostalgia off in the time capsule. Check it out and let us know what YOU think of the ...



    The Boys are back and joined by the bodacious RUBI RAD for a discussion about their favorite 80's Television and Cartoon theme songs. Plus we dig into what makes the 80's so killer to Rubi and her memories growing up. We then show off a few gems from our past ...


  3. The Savagery of FRED SAVAGE

    Chris welcomes his pal and all around nostalgia slinger, Chad "Ecto" Young of the fames HorrorMovieBBQ! This special report delves into the mystic magics of a one FRED SAVAGE and how he was a prominent force in the pre-teen/teen 80's entertainment landscape. Particular attention is creamed upon ...


  4. Celebrity Crushes and 80's School Days

    Chris and Chris are back with another bodacious 1980's lesson. Carrie is still off on a secret mission but she WILL return next episode. Today the boys talk about a few Celebrity crushes they had growing up as well as what their 1980's School days were like. They also show ...


  5. Our 1980's Summer Vacations and The Real Ghostbusters

    Chris and Tanski are back to teach the people of 2069 about the glory of Summer Vacations in the 1980s as well as introduce a new segment to the class in the form of "Does it Hold Up" featuring the 1986 DIC classic, The Real Ghostbusters. Then they show off ...